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  • 5 Hatha Yoga Poses That Will Ignite Your Spirit

  • By Corinne Tobias
  • There are times in our life, in our hatha yoga practice, that we all start feeling a little disconnected from our higher self, consciousness, or spirit. It doesn’t matter who you are, how long you’ve been doing yoga, or how much “work” you’ve done for yourself, sometimes the internal fire just begins to lose its willingness to burn.

    Just as it is with a literal fire, you can pile logs on top of logs, giving the fire fodder and inspiration to burn … More on Hatha Yoga

Retreat Relax Release Blog Post

From The 3R Blog

  • The Power Of Ashtanga Yoga

  • By Robert Wolf Peterson
  • I well remember the first time I set foot in an Ashtanga Yoga class. It was October 2002, in the perhaps unexpected surrounds of an art centre in Norwich in the UK.

    If you’re already familiar with the philosophy of Ashtanga, you’ll know that it relies on threading a consistent sequence of postures together into a flowing, meditative whole. To watch an experienced Ashtanga practitioner is to witness a thing of beauty … More on Ashtanga Yoga