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10 Most Exotic Place For Yoga Retreat [Infographic]


Love yoga and planning a thematic getaway? You’ll be surprised to see bountiful options available across the globe. But what are those quintessential retreat locations that surpass all others, where the experience is unforgettable and the ambience is breathtaking? Locations that will submerge you in blissful world of yoga and enable you to give new meaning to your life.

We foraged the seven continents to identify the most exotic yoga retreats for you. At the top of our list is the Central American melting pot of culture, Belize. You will experience guided yoga and mindful mediation sessions while seated in unspoiled underground caves, adjacent to lagoons and inches from the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. For more retreat locations refer to the infographic below where we have rounded up the 10 most exotic yoga retreats from around the world.




These mesmerizing locations will reinvigorate your life with the benefits of the ancient practice of yoga. Take your dream yoga retreat today, and experience the joy and peace of tranquility.


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