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11 Reasons You Need a Yoga Retreat Right Now

Who doesn’t love vacations? Getting away from work and the humdrum of daily life? The monotonous days can seem to go on and on. Taking a break to de-stress and giving your mind and soul some TLC is important. If you want all this – while getting fit and healthy – then a yoga retreat is the program for you! Much more than a fad, yoga retreats are a transformational vacation, as compared to the usual sightseeing, obsessive picture taking week long outings people go on.

Whether you’re a newbie at yoga or a seasoned practitioner, a yoga retreat can give you the inspiration and awareness you need to incorporate healthy habits into your daily life and make yoga part of your lifestyle.

Here’s why you absolutely need to go on a yoga retreat right now:

Stressed Out

Work stress gets to all of us – whether you work at home or in the office. Stress seems to creep up everywhere. Sure, practicing yoga every day can help battle the constant stress. But a yoga retreat will do wonders for you, in terms of stress management. Being away from your daily schedule and activities, you can actually listen to your body and give it what it needs to de-stress.

A Time Out

A yoga retreat isn’t exactly a vacation for your body – it’s a vacation for your soul. True, many retreats do offer spa treatments and outdoor activities. But at its core, a yoga retreat is all about taking a time out from the world and looking inwards. A retreat can help you gain clarity of mind and blocking the negative vibes through mindfulness techniques and meditation.

A Digital Detox

So many of us are addicted to our screens, be it your smartphone, laptop or tablet. To help you unwind, many retreats encourage you to leave your electronic devices – laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart watches – at home and unplug yourself from the world.

Stuck in a Rut

Are you stuck on some project that just isn’t working out? Maybe you’ve got writer’s block. Maybe you need a new direction. A yoga retreat offers you the best chance to calm down, block the negativity, find inner peace and get inspired! Surrounded by nature and its serenity, your best ideas will come floating. You’ll be able take a step back and focus on what you really want.

Yoga Practice

Sure you practice yoga every day but going on a retreat will really up the ante. Most yoga retreats offer yoga classes twice a day. Without your daily routine, all your time is yoga time, whether it’s the physical movements, meditation, or even simply sitting in silence. The best part is getting individual attention from the yogi. Under their constant guidance, you can really go to the next level in your yoga practice.

Beautiful Locations

A yoga retreat is a healthy holiday. Many retreats are situated in scenic locations, offering their visitors the best of both worlds – mentally and physically. Soak in the beauty of Mother Nature while you focus on making yourself beautiful, inside and out. Strengthen your body amidst the most beautiful beaches or at gorgeous hill stations and whatnot!

Trying Something New

When in Rome, do as Romans do. Going on a retreat may be new for you and that’s exactly why you should do it! You’ll get to experience a whole new way of living. If you’re used to the same old steps and the same routine you do every day, you could switch it up by trying a whole new kind of yoga like Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga or Kundalini. Each type has numerous benefits for mind, body and soul.

Healthy Living

Another great thing about going on a yoga retreat is not worrying about the food. Most retreats handle the food part, allowing you to work on yourself while enjoying healthy food with a twist from the local cuisine. The healthy food that retreats offer help nurture and purify your body from the inside. Some retreats even offer juicing and other detox cleanses that you can try.

Discover Yourself

Self-discovery is an important part of practicing yoga. Going on a yoga retreat is a good opportunity to focus on yourself and think about what you want, what are your goals and dreams, how to get rid of negativity, and understand and overcome your fears. It helps you get a new perspective on life and reflect on problems and decisions you may have to make in the future. A retreat is like an incubator for personal growth.

Go Home Happy

Unlike other programs, you get to take everything home with you. Everything you’ve learnt and all the new experiences can be incorporated into your daily routine. Although, going home means going back to the usual routine and everyday work-home-dinner, but a yoga retreat refreshes your soul, clears your mind and helps your body become fitter. You are more in tune with yourself and what could be better than that? Plus, it will give you a chance to incorporate healthy living and positive mental outlook to your life like never before.

Because you’re Worth It!

When was the last time you did something good for yourself? Although it may seem like a splurge, you need to remember to take care of yourself – cause face it, no one is going to come and tell you to take a break and have a vacation. A yoga retreat will open your mind to new possibilities, relax your body and nurture your soul. When you’re healthy and at peace, you work better, take less stress and have a happier life overall. So do this for yourself!

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