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Best Yoga Retreats And Inspired Retreats For 2017: From Bali To Mexico

Here at Retreat Relax Release we like to have a World view of things, so here we have compiled an around the world’ best yoga retreats and inspired retreats of 2017, just a few of the offerings on our new site for 2017. Indulge yourself.

3 Days Meditation Holidays in Bali Indonesia:

meditation retreat bali

Spend 3 days meditating at Blue Karma Resort where you can enjoy the best vegetarian diets and learn how to reform your life through meditation, yoga and healthy diet. The 3 days meditation holidays in Bali Indonesia offers the best stay package you can wish for. You can enjoy a 2 night’s stay at the Superior Garden Suite which embellished with traditional embellishments and has the superior garden for its front view and the public pool for it side view. The Resort is surrounded by tropical plants which give you the sense of being in the middle of a tropical jungle. The serene and euphoric setup of the resort makes your stay worth its money and while.

You can enjoy many activities while you are staying here such as hiking, horse riding, Atv, surfing, meditating and practicing traditional yoga at the Yoga Shala etc. If you are looking for some time off from your chaotic routine and to find some peace and serenity try out this 3 days meditating holidays in Bali.

4 Days Luxury Detox Yoga Retreat in Bali:

blue karma resort ubud bali

Blue Karma Resort Ubud

Get your body detoxed in the esthetic beauty of Bali while you get to practice yoga in the most classic way at a traditional Yoga Shala. Not just this you can also relish four spa treatments; choice of Balinese, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue, Hot Stones. Keeping your health in focus the meals are completely raw with cold pressed juices. These treatments will help your body tissues relaxed and take out all the stress that has been pulling you down. To further enhance your stay there is one purification ritual arranged at Sebatu Sacred Waterfalls. With all these healthy activities you will be leaving Bali as a new person; healthy and ready to face the world.

With this Luxury Detox package you can get your body detoxed, skin cleared, mind refreshed, and your soul reformed. So get ready to boost your energy level while you enjoy the tranquility of lush green rice fields that surround the resort.

28 Days Christmas Ashtanga Yoga Immersion Retreat in Bali:

Asthanga is an eightfold yoga path popularized by K. Pathabi Jois. It focuses on the focal eight limbs to improve the overall working of the body. Asthanga has some very basic physical and athletic yoga postures that help transform your whole being. In 28 Days Christmas Ashtanga Yoga Immersion Retreat in Bali you will be provided with the world certified Yogi Lucia Andrade from the well known K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI). The immersion is planned such that it will help you gain new strength and power of both mind and body. Although Asthanga is a very advanced form of yoga but the sessions are planned as such that even newbies can benefit from it so do not be hesitant if you are a newbie or a seasoned yoga practitioner, the package has a room for all.

Your 28 days stay at Bali for Asthanga Yoga Immersion is well planned with different workshops, 2 weekly immersions with the local community, daily Mysore yoga sessions with Lucia Andrade, vegan meals and raw breakfasts and as it is a Christmas deal, it won’t be fun without a Christmas dinner and Ceremony. This year celebrate your Christmas in a rustic setting away from the hustle of big city in a serene atmosphere and tropical beauty of Bali. I assure you this will be the Christmas you will remember for the rest of your life.

4 Days Spa and Intensive Yoga Retreat in Bali:

Blue karma resort ubud

Located on a hillside in the middle of rice paddies the Blue Karma Resort is more like a piece of the heaven itself. The clear sky, clean and fresh air, and friendly locals add to the appealing beauty of Ubud. 4 Days Spa and Intensive Yoga Retreat in Bali are more like an escape plan from your exhausting routine that gives you no time for yourself. At this Yoga retreat you will not only get time to focus on yourself but also enjoy the exotic beauty of Indonesia in one of its most scenic cities.

This package comes with daily yoga and meditating classes where you can relax and connect with yourself to find your energy and power and also there are spa treatments to refurbish not just you’re your skin but from within. You do not necessarily have to go to the spa for the treatment you can also get it beside the swimming pool where you can swim whenever you like. You can also enjoy other outdoor activities such as tracking, horse riding, white water rafting and countless other activities.

Cultivate Your Feminine Energy:

costa rica yoga retreats

This package Cultivate Your Feminine Energy lets beautiful women rediscover their selves, connect with their creative wisdom and transform their whole being into the person that they were meant to be. Give yourself a break and take a few days off into this divine self-discovering program where you get the stillness, rest and sisterhood that understands what you are looking for and helps you not just discover it but also shows you a way to bright future.
Give yourself some time and enjoy the calmness of Costa Rica at Tierra de Suenos Lodge & Wellness Center where you get to spend 5 days with Mother Nature and nourish your body with intricately prepared meals of clean and organic food, the fun part is that you will only have to do the eating so no going no kitchen doing dishes or whatsoever. A series of experiences are designed that will help you connect with the divine feminine forces that are lying within you but are shadowed by the chaotic schedule that you are leading, so take a chance and grab this amazing self-discovering opportunity.

The package offers you a 5 nights accommodation with 8 yoga classes that includes a variety of Vinyasa. There are 4 ontological life coaching group sessions that are facilitated by Jen Shull of The Bold Thing and Sarah Crawford of Sitawi Life Coaching. You can also benefit from the 3 nights evening ancient ritual arranged by Women’s Circles. To discover the local area a tour is also arranged for you. The dinners and breakfasts that are offered are decadent raw whole organic foods with local coffee and fresh juices.

So pack your bags and enjoy the lovely beaches at Playa Chiquita located on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. The place is a serene and lush jungle more like a hideaway. Discover yourself with this amazing intricately designed program so that you can rediscover your feminine powers.

7 Days Serene Yoga Surf Retreat:

serenity eco guest house and yoga

In today’s hectic routine you can barely make time for yourself to relax. So why not take a week off and reconnect with yourself. “Serenity Eco Guesthouse & Yoga” offers a Serene Yoga Retreat from your humdrum routine and gives you a chance to cleanse your body, mind, and spirit. This retreat is located in a cozy little beach town Canggu located on the South West coast in Bali.

You can enjoy 2 yoga sessions, one in morning and one in afternoon. The morning sessions are Vinyasa Flow, where each movement is synchronized to breathe. Breathe act as a primary anchor for progressing into the next pose. The poses move from vigorously and gently. Due to the variety of poses in Vinyasa Flow, you get to experience a calm, deep, and peaceful flows as well as dynamic, invigorating and playful flows. In the afternoon session, you can enjoy the serenity of Yin to Restorative yoga poses which help focus on your body tissues and helps you recover your lost health.
In order to help your body be more flexible, the Retreat also offers AcroYoga Workshop, a combination of Yoga and Acrobatics.

The 7 days serene yoga surf retreat package offers a comfortable accommodation, healthy vegetarian breakfast and dinner, 2 daily yoga classes, 1 surfing lesson, AcroYoga workshop, 1 Balinese massage, Airport transfer and free Wi-Fi.

So get your bags ready and prepare yourself for a rustic beach retreat where you get to connect with yourself.

4 Days Yoga Inner Journey and Spa Retreat in Bali:

Are you a traditionalist but also want the comfort of modern life? I bet yes is the answer, if so then book yourself a 4 Days Yoga Inner Journey and Spa Retreat in Bali, one of the many packages that let guests enjoy the traditional Javanese huts that are remastered in the most modern fashion. Blue Karma Resort Ubud is a divine place in the middle of rice paddies and tropical plants. Just the beauty, tranquility and composure of this place awakens a divine force in you that helps you find your inner peace, and the yoga and meditation sessions help you find your way.

This package offers you 3-night accommodation in one of its prized Superior Garden Suite that is surrounded by the enthralling Superior Garden. The wall to wall windows lets the fresh breeze come into your room from the fields and garden. You can also take benefit of daily 3 spa treatments; choice Balinese, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue Treatment, Hot Stones treatment.

Get your lungs filled with fresh air and your body and soul relaxed with the yoga and meditation sessions while you enjoy one of the most comfortable accommodations in the most sophisticated resort that is light on your pocket as well.

Surf Yoga Photography and Martial Arts Retreat in Bali:

surf and yoga retreat bali

Enjoy fun activities like surfing, martial arts, photography and yoga all in one package while enjoying the serene beauty of Bali beaches while living in one of the best accommodations of your choice, which is light in your pockets.

If you are a group of friends then Room Agung is for you. It is 2 bunk beds and can be shared by 4 people, just perfect if you are running short on money. Even in less budget, there is no compromise on customer’s comfort here, the rooms are clean with individual storage space and a TV and DVD not that you will be watching any with the amazing places that you can visit while learning how to surf or practice martial arts.

There is Room Batur which hosts 2 guests. This room is perfect for you if you want to keep things in your control as well as have your privacy. The room opens into a beautiful garden overlooking a pool. Cleanliness is taken very seriously here which is why the bedsheets and towels are changed regularly. You can get yourself an extremely hospitable service in your limited budget with Room Batur.

Room Merapi / Room Bromo are rooms designed keeping the traditional Bali building structures in mind. They open into an exquisite balcony fronting bar and a pool. Both the rooms have a queen bed and a single bed, perfect for families.

If you are a family or a group of friends looking for extra privacy and coziness the Semeru bungalow is going to be the best choice. It has its own private balcony with Caribbean hammock and seats so that you can enjoy the beautiful views throughout your stay.

Rinjani is the crown accommodation of Mondos as this wood bungalow is made of exquisite wood. The bungalow is made such that it overlooks a small river and trees that surround the resort, once you step onto the balcony. The bungalow hosts 3 maximum guests with a queen bed and a single bed. Your privacy and comfort have been highly considered here, which is why there are a safety box, TV/DVD, and a private toilet.

Cleanliness is the main factor for Mondos and all the accommodations have clean bathrooms and the bed sheets and towel are changed regularly. Get ready to enjoy surfing, martial arts, yoga and photography all in one package.

4 Days of Wellness in Blue Karma Resort Ubud:

Blue Karma Resort

Beautiful Blue Karma Resort

Blue Karma Resort is surrounded by tropical plants all around. Just by looking at it scenic beauty tempts you to pack your bags and head to this galvanizing location. With the 4 Days of Wellness in Blue Karma Resort Ubud package, you can get more than you can wish for. On your stay here you get to enjoy 3 aromatherapy massage, each session is 90 minutes. Not just this you also get to meditate and practice yoga in a Yoga Shala. Yoga Shala is a gathering place where traditional Yoga is practiced in the group so that you can experience the true feelings of a Yogi that will improve your mental as well as physical health. The aromatherapy massage will boost your energy level and give you a glowing skin.

During your stay, you can enjoy the majestic calm and beauty of rice fields that surround the resort. The Deluxe Garden suite is a dreamy setting for spending quality time with your loved one. The room overlooks the marvelous garden and a public swimming pool. Do not worry if you are a sports person as there are a lot many activities such as swimming, cycling, water sports, white water rafting, horse riding and much more.

7 Day Raw Food Detox Yoga Retreat in Bali:

Everyone want to eat healthily and stay in shape but changing your routine especially eating can be a lot difficult in your hectic schedule. 7 Day Raw Food Detox Yoga Retreat in Bali offers you the best packages that not only takes you back to nature but also educates you on how you can improve your health with pure organic food and juices. To make your stay more private and memorable only 5 participants are taken at a time. The retreat itself is located in a beautiful nature of jungles where you can practice yoga and meditate with sunrise and sunset while enjoying organic food and juices.

Your stay here will help you how to improve your eating habits and let go of unhealthy triggers. This trip will take you back to nature and help you find your health. There will be seminars, lectures, and Detox eating education. There will be 1 raw food eating workshop and seminars on “How to eat clean and healthy”. So if you are a foodaholic and want to improve not just health but your eating habits this is the package for you.

Healing in Historic Home in Maine where TR healed in his youth:

yoga retreats maine

Sewall House has been offering its yoga sessions since 1997 at the historic house where TR healed his asthma with nature guide William Sewall. Now his great grand-daughter has carried on the tradition of healing and hospitality in a new style. Join Donna Amrita Davidge in her rejuvenating sessions where you not only get to improve your health but also enjoy the scenic beauty of Baxter Park and the New National Monument Katahdin Woods and Waters Sewall House. The chefs here are known for their amazing skills and there are special offers on gluten free or vegan meals.

The sessions offer classes for both experienced and beginner yogis, so do not worry if you are a beginner. The Healing in Historic Home in Main offers 5 nights stay in a private room with 2 yoga classes, morning meditation, and massage. You can enjoy hikes, waterfalls, golf bicycling, kayaking, single person Jacuzzi, and a variety of other activities.

7 Days Meditation Retreat in Bali Indonesia:

Spend your vacation at the superior garden in Bali while you meditate to return to your roots. The Blue Karma Resort offers the best to its guests with this package as you get to spend your off days in an extremely exquisite accommodation that overlooks it majestic gardens. Refresh your lungs and rejuvenate your soul while you practice traditional yoga at the Yoga Shala that helps you find yourself and rediscover your whole being.

The package offers a great deal of fun activities such as Elephant ride, water sports, tracking, mountain walks etc. there are also tours that help you discover Bali and shows you some of the most historic locations. Rediscover yourself with daily meditation and massage sessions, trips and purification rituals at waterfalls.

Well, what do you think? Best Yoga Retreats 2017 and Inspired Retreats? Or did we miss some out? Let us know and we will get them listed on out site toute suite. We love discovering new retreats. Surprise us.

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