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Exploring Different Retreats

Retreats: We could all use a break. We’re crazy busy, stressed out, and often running on empty. This is exactly why retreats (that offer the break we so desperately need) have become such a huge part of our modern lives.

Retreats are nothing new. People have literally been going on them for thousands of years. Whether spiritual in nature or used to take a break from the norm, retreats have long been known to restore health and wellbeing.

Whether you’re looking to get in better shape and make healthy eating choices or want to expand your yoga practice in a foreign country, you should know there’s a retreat for almost anything.

Are you looking for solitude and quiet or to harness to your personal power? Is it time for spiritual renewal? Do you need to get out of the daily grind of city life and reconnect with nature? Need a little pampering?

Exploring different types of retreats can help you find exactly the right getaway that offers exactly what you need to benefit body, mind, and soul…and everything in between.

Yoga Retreats

There’s a reason why yoga retreats have become so popular among the yoga community. They’re amazing. Not only do they offer a whole new perspective on your practice, but also on your life and the way you see the world.

Yoga retreats take you away from the demands of daily life. In place of your regular routine you’ll find sacred space just for you…and your practice. Surrounded by other like-minded people and a beautiful setting, you’ll definitely find deeper connection in more ways than one.

Whether you want to reconnect with your practice or take it to the next level, a yoga retreat can be seriously life changing. Yoga retreats can be found all over the world. So if you’re looking to do morning sun salutations on a beach in Bali or want to connect spiritually with your practice in a temple in India, you can be sure there’s a yoga retreat out there for you.

Meditation Retreats

Trying to meditate daily and devoting an entire trip to it are two very different things. We all know how hard it can be to maintain a daily meditation practice, but we also know how wonderfully beneficial it is to our lives.

Meditation not only helps quiet our monkey minds, but also increases focus, reduces stress, and eases anxiety and depression. Tell me again why we’re not meditating every day?

We all make excuses. Our minds are too scattered. We don’t have the time. We don’t want to be alone with our own thoughts. We fear we’re not doing it right. But we know we should be doing it.

If you want to really meditate and dive into the calm, quiet of your mind, a meditation retreat will help you get past these excuses and closer to the contentment you crave.

Arts / Creative Retreats

Whether you’re looking to harness your inner artist or reconnect with your creativity, going on a retreat can offer you exactly the inspiration you need. There are retreats all over the world dedicated specifically to connecting you to your innate creativity. And they tend to be a lot of fun.

Want to color your world, but have never picked up a paint brush? Are you experiencing writer’s block? Maybe you’re looking for inspiration for your next design?

Wherever your creative niche may be, heading to a retreat can help you seriously get back in touch with it. So if you want to paint, journal, or simply explore your own unique creative identity there’s a retreat pretty much anywhere that will allow you to do so.

Silent Retreats

If you’re craving a little peace and quiet, going on a silent retreat could be just what you need. A silent retreat can seriously benefit anyone who feels like they’re constantly on the go (which is pretty much all of us) and will reset your emotional energy like you wouldn’t believe.

Extended periods of silence help us recharge and rejuvenate, all while allowing us to explore our emotions on much deeper levels than we normally do. Think of a silent retreat as an inner journey that helps you reconnect with yourself while taking a deeper look at who you really are.

Silent retreats can get uncomfortable for sure. That much time in your own head is bound to bring up some emotions that can be difficult to deal with. At a silent retreat it can help to remember that the only way out is through. And once through the mental chatter of the mind, life tends to be lived in a much more mindful state.

Cooking/Food Retreats

If you consider yourself somewhat of a “foodie” or are looking to revamp your eating habits, a retreat that focuses on food is perfect for you. There’s all kinds of retreats designed around food, some of the most popular being those that teach you how to cook and those that focus on a healthy diet.

Travel to France and learn to cook classic cuisine or fly to Costa Rica and immerse yourself in a vegan diet. The world is literally your oyster with a food focused retreat. You just need to find what fits your taste.

Adventure Retreats

Getting out in nature is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. Nature has a pretty amazing way of resetting the body and mind, reducing stress and anxiety, and reconnecting us to who we really are.

Unfortunately we don’t always get the time in nature we need, but taking a retreat that puts you right into the heart of nature can change this. Get out of the office and try hiking, biking, swimming, or boating in some of the most beautiful places in the world.
Nature retreats can take you to the deepest jungles to the most pristine beaches you’ve ever seen…and anywhere in between. Mountains, deserts, and beaches all over the world have different retreats that will reconnect you to source and reset your soul.

Cultural Retreats

Experiencing different cultures is important for many people. Why else would we travel and take ourselves out of our regular routines? Touching upon the ways others conduct their lives in different parts of the world can help us feel more connected not only to our fellow man, but to ourselves as well.

Cultural retreats allow you to understand different cultures way more intimately however, than just taking a vacation to a foreign destination. A cultural retreat will take you out of popular tourist spots and in straight into the heart of what that area’s real culture truly is.

Whether you want to volunteer with children in Africa or work with farming communities in Central America, there’s more than likely a retreat that will take you there. And you’ll find a variety of different ways to immerse yourself exactly how deep into a culture you want to go.

Spa Retreats

Need a little pampering in your life? How does waking up in the morning to a freshly prepared meal followed by a massage and then time at the pool sound? If you need some “you” time, a spa retreat is where it’s at.

Think acupuncture, exotic oils, yoga, massage, facials, rest, rejuvenation, and total relaxation. And then repeat that every, single day. Oh, and did we mention all focus is on you?

There are tons of spa retreats to choose from pretty much anywhere in the world you could imagine. Pick your favorite spot and prepare to get your pamper on.

Fitness & Bootcamp Retreats

From surfing and yoga to running and hiking, there are countless different fitness retreats that will help you get your inner goddess (or god) moving and motivated.

Training for your first 5K? There’s a retreat for that. Want to learn how to surf amongst the best wave riders? There’s a retreat that’ll have you hanging ten in no time.

Whether you want to lose weight, tone up your muscles, or successfully complete a triathlon, there’s a fitness retreat somewhere in the world that has exactly what you’re looking for.

What’s amazing is many retreats combine many fabulous features all in one package. Think surfing combined with yoga, massage, and meditation on a beautiful foreign beach. Or maybe hiking through the desert and meditating under the full moon followed by journal writing is more your thing.

Whatever your “thing” is there’s a retreat that’s going to bring you that much closer to it. Taking a retreat of any kind is an extremely transformational journey, no matter how far from home you go to get there. With so many different kinds of retreats to choose from, finding the way to your perfect retreat destination has never been easier.

The only question is…where do you want it to take you?


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  • After a week in bed with a virus, I realized my body was going to have a retreat whether I liked it or not! Don’t wait until you’re sick. Take the time to get away. Your body, mind and soul need the downtime, and your health will pay you back in spades! Just do it!

  • jamiea


    I’ve often considered a meditation retreat to help me focus and find a bit of peace. I’m graduating in May from undergrad I think it would be the perfect treat for myself.

    An adventure retreat sounds like a blast and as an anthropologist, a cultural retreat sounds right up my alley. It would more than just a vacation. It would be a complete enrichment experience!