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First Time On A Yoga Retreat? Here’s What You Should Expect

There are many misconceptions about yoga retreats. While many new yoga enthusiasts like the idea of going on a retreat, they don’t exactly fancy the limitations that come with the package.

Contrary to popular belief, a retreat is not a prison meant to isolate you from rest of the world. And no, you will not be expect to bend like the pretzel all the time. Most retreats do have a Wi-Fi service available, so there is absolutely no need for you to panic.

In general, yoga retreats are just like any other holiday, but with some additional perks. Imagine a place where you finally have a chance to transform yourself for the better, from the inside out. A retreat helps you unwind and unplug your body, mind, and soul from the daily stress of urban life. It revitalizes and rejuvenates your body like nothing else.

For anyone who is heading to a yoga retreat for the first time, here are a few things you should expect and look forward to.

  • You will enjoy a beautiful view

Most yoga retreats are built far away from civilization, pollution and the humdrum of life in the metropolis. Retreats are meant to take you closer to Mother Nature, which is why they are nestled amidst stunning jungles, pristine valleys and sparkling rivers.

The clean view and abundance will take you by surprise. You will find yourself surrounded by lush green gardens or feel the soothing sea breeze on your skin. You will notice right away that you are breathing better in a much cleaner environment.

Retreats are situated at the quiet corners of the world and are nothing less than paradise. You will immediately feel a disconnect with all the worries and stresses of work and personal life.

  • You will practice yoga

You may think yoga only has physical benefits, but it has much more to offer. Yoga is meant to heal you on a deeper level. It creates a higher level of awareness within your body and soul.

Yoga goes a long way and slowly but surely cures you of all modern day ailments. Meditation, which is an important aspect of yoga, is known to be the best way to attain peace of mind. Yoga has been around for thousands of years, and thus the practice involves a much more extensive understanding of our bodies.

At retreats, trained professional yogis will help you begin your journey and guide you through it gently and step by step.

  • You will meditate

Meditation allows you to reaffirm your self-worth, and really helps you understand who you are. Meditation has no goal other than for you to be yourself.

Meditation is a combination of breathing exercises and creative visualization that helps you attain a deeper understanding of yourself. Deep breathing is sometimes called nature’s pain reliever. Better breathing has shown to increase the blood flow, release toxins from your body and even help you sleep better.

At a yoga retreat, you will learn meditation techniques and on your return back home, you will realize how much your attention and focus has improved. Trust me, you will be pleased with this kind of investment of your time and money.

  • You will detox and cleanse your body

Retreats are the best places to enjoy wholesome foods. The food served cleanses and detoxifies your body from all impurity.

A simple detox plan is one which includes organic fruits, vegetables, and grains that increase fibers in your body.

At retreat centers, you will be welcomed every day with fresh detoxifying green juice, fresh fruits and a variety of lentils. It will be a refreshing change for your body from all the junk we tend to indulge in throughout our lives.

  • You will notice a positive change in your body

Yoga is great for desk workers or anyone who wants to improve their posture and flexibility. But people who mostly work from their desk tend to acquire this constant slouch.

Yoga is going to teach you how to sit up taller, to open up your shoulders, and to take deeper breaths. You may feel aches and pain in your body parts for a few days in the beginning, but eventually, you are going to have a great posture and your bones wont be making any creaking sounds!

From a detox diet, you will notice in few hours how light your body feels.

  • You will meet new people

You will be surprised by how many like-minded people you come across during your stay at the retreat center. You may have thought that you were the only one planning a trip of such nature and may feel out of your comfort zone initially, but you will find out that you’re not alone.

You will get a chance to meet new people during communal meals, therapy sessions, and yoga classes. You will come to find the things you have in common with them.

You will feel welcome in this new community that you have become a part of, and return home with surprisingly deep connections you made in such a short span of time.

  • You feel like a whole new person

A retreat center is designed to help each and every guest experience tranquility and peace. So don’t be surprised when you return home feeling like a new person.

You will feel healthier and more active. You will see that you have come to learn a lot about yourself and understand the needs of your body better.

As a visitor at the retreat, your knowledge regarding yoga, meditation and healthy food will have increased. Some retreats also provide education to empower and inspire you towards a healthier lifestyle so you can keep practicing it even after you come back home. In short, going on a yoga retreat could become the life changing experience you’ve been waiting for.

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