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How to Choose a Yoga Retreat

Why a Yoga Retreat?

I decided to make healthy living a priority when I realised my work-life balance was askew; I was constantly stressed and my mental health wasn’t optimal.

I tried many things in the hope of rebooting my life: going on a holiday, taking time off from everything – work and otherwise and meditation which was beneficial but not the silver bullet I was after. Among many other things.
Looking back at the times when yoga wasn’t a regular part of my life, I found I was less passionate – jaded even. I needed to find direction again.

A friend of mine by chance brought it up one day, telling me how his girlfriend was into Yin Yoga and that they had gone on a Yoga Retreat in Bali … I remember scoffing at the thought of doing physical activity as a holiday, until he told me that he tried and loved it!

That’s when I hopped on Google and typed in the two words that would – unbeknownst to me back then – bring peace into my life: yoga retreat. This was before a service like Retreat Relax Release existed so it was a challenge to find the right fit for me.
A lot of trial and error later, and I was able to find a yoga retreat that suited my needs, I would love for you the reader to find your silver bullet on the first try, so here are the 5 factors you absolutely need to keep in mind when looking for one for yourself!

1. How to Choose a Yoga Retreat: Location is Key!

Do you love the beach, the rainforest or are you more of an oasis in the city type – finding a quiet zone in the heart of everything? Are you interested in soaking up a foreign culture and visiting museums and art galleries on your downtime?

You have far too many choices when choosing among the best yoga places in the world so asking yourself these questions is absolutely key to having a wonderful experience. Retreat, Relax, Release can aid you tremendously in finding the right yoga retreat for you but ask yourself these questions to get a general guideline of what you’re seeking.

If you love the city you live in but have been too busy to take in all that it has to offer; why not go for a yoga retreat on the outskirts?

If you’re into nature and want to be among it all throughout your retreat experience how about places like Hawaii, Mexico or Costa Rica?

Your retreat experience can be as exotic or as conventional as you want it to as there are some amazing yoga retreats all over the world, here’s your checklist before you decide on a location:

  • Are you going just for the yoga retreat experience, or would you like to have an entertaining – holiday while you’re at it?
  • Do you want to go sight-seeing outside of the retreat?
  • Do you think you would have a more profound experience farther away from home?
  • Close your eyes and imagine you’re in a place of peace and tranquillity to practice yoga, where is that place in your mind’s eye?

Tip. On the search page of this site on the drop down menu you can choose what retreat setting you are searching for. ‘Beach’, ‘Mountain’ … etc.

2.  How to Choose a Yoga Retreat: A good teacher is a great guide to self-realisation

You should research the teachers (yogis) guiding the retreat. How many years of experience do they have? Are they passionate and involved with yoga in a way that transcends the career aspect of it?
The best way to find out is to check customer testimonials. Check out third-party forums where people discuss yoga and retreats and provide reviews of them.

Will this person make you feel safe and looked after? There are a lot of different styles of yoga (Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga and so on), so make sure your teacher will be practicing the appropriate style for you.

Also keep in mind that if the retreat you will be attending only does group sessions, you will need to check that the level of yoga to be practiced suits your needs. If you are just starting out and attend an advanced yoga retreat, it’s safe to say you will be disappointed.

You should feel a sense of safety and trust (from your teacher) before you set out on your journey to the yoga retreat that could potentially turn your life around for the better.

Tip. Search this site for individual teachers and see their reviews before deciding.

3. How to Choose a Yoga Retreat: Does the Focus of the Yoga Retreat Suit Your Needs?

It’s important to know what you’re looking for; do you need life-coaching to be the prime focus of your retreat or are you looking to develop your understanding of yoga?

If you are looking to attain a sense of mindfulness and peace, but the brochure boasts myriad activities you won’t be getting what you want out of your yoga retreat.

Even some of the best yoga centres in the world focus primarily on one goal in mind, whether it’s getting your life back on track (life-coaching), physical exercise, mental well-being and some even serve as a way to make new friends around a common activity.

Do your research and delve thoroughly into what these retreats have to offer and go for the one that resonates with you.
Tip. Choose ‘style’ from the search menu and narrow down to you needs ‘I.e “Yoga Retreats”, “Ashtanga Yoga”.

4.  How to Choose a Yoga Retreat: Appropriate Price and Good Timing is Important to Have a Wonderful Experience

If you’re going to be stressing out because the timing of your trip is all wrong and conflicts with other aspects of your life, then you won’t be getting the most out of your yoga retreat.

Also, the number one cause of stress for almost everyone is money. So make sure your financial situation is appropriate for the yoga retreat you want to attend.

In saying that though, if your life is falling apart and you need to urgently get back to being yourself don’t worry about anything else but yourself. Throw caution to the wind; you are what is most important to the function and maintenance of your life, you are your life’s hero.

If not, then here are some questions you should ask if money might be a limiting factor:

  • Is it an all-inclusive package being offered? (food, accommodation and other activities)
  • Are transportation costs being covered? (such as getting to the retreat from the airport/terminal and back on departure)
  • What else will I be spending money on while I’m there?
  • Are there hidden fees and expenses?

5.  Most Importantly: Remember that this is for YOU!

Remember that you are going on this yoga retreat for a reason, and that is to get back to being your optimal self both physically and mentally.

The aim is to return home after your yoga retreat feeling fulfilled, content and at peace. So focus on your needs in choosing the yoga experience that’s right for you.

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