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How To Start Yoga – A Guide For Beginners

We all dream of living a long and a healthy life, and no doubt that the average lifespan when to compared to the earlier days has increased drastically. But with this increase in the years, has come an increase in stress levels and anxiety.

This is one reason why people all over the world are affected by health conditions and ailments more frequently than ever before. With the fast paced lives of today, it has become quite difficult to take time out for ourselves and invest it towards living a healthy lifestyle.

An exercise and fitness, combined with healthy eating habits can play a great role in living a healthier, happier life. For those who do not like to follow the methodological and structured workout routine, yoga can be a great option.

The word yoga is from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ which means, to yoke or bind. It is sometimes also interpreted as a union or a method of discipline.

Yoga is a healthy unison of the mind, body, and soul of the individual. In addition to helping people getting fit, yoga is also a great kind of workout for people to understand their bodies and restore its natural processes.

For the beginners, yoga may seem quite intimidating. The elegant and precise movements look both inspiring and daunting. Here are some insider yoga tips for all beginners out there who wish to start on this healthy journey.

Breathing techniques (PRANAYAMA)

Breathing exercises are an essential part of yoga. these exercises are meant to open your diaphragm to positive energy.

These breathing techniques help you settle into the calm, and peace within you; so you you are able to reach your ‘centered place’.

Here is how you start out, sit up in a comfortable cross-legged position, hips supported by a blanket or a pillow. This is a very basic yoga breathing exercise and in order to do this you first inhale deeply through the nose and exhale like you are fogging up the mirror, repeat it for about five times straight.

Try to make sure that the timespan of each breath taken and released should be the same. So if you breathe in the count of five, also try to breathe out in the same number of counts.

Child’s pose

 This is by far the most easy yoga posture for all beginners out there. You start out by resting your forehead on the mat, legs folded beneath you and your arms reaching out right in front of you.

Take a deep breath in, when you inhale you will feel your stomach against your thighs and while exhaling, do it as if you are emptying all the air out. Close your eyes and just take a moment to connect with your breathing. Don’t worry if your hips don’t get all the way down


This posture is also the most common one among the yoga newbies. You begin in a straight up standing position and then inhale while touching both your hands to your feet, remain in this position till the count of five.

padangusthasana big toe pose


Exhale while standing up and do so till the count of five. Keep your breathing in check and there is no need to worry if you can’t touch your feet all the way. In the beginning, this is normal. Your muscles will become more flexible with time. Remember never to strain your body more than it can take.

Sun salutation (SURYA NAMASKAR)

This yoga procedure means a salute to the sun. It is designed to warm up your whole body and integrate the mind and the breathing system. The sun salutation is both warming up and toning exercise and also considered the best of all yoga exercises as it stretches, compresses, arches, and reinforces all the major muscles of the body as well as the digestive and respiratory organs. It also helps develops flexibility, strength, balance, concentration and focus.

Remember yoga poses are designed to redirect your mind to a calmer place, but to avoid any accidents it is best to start out with the help of a trained professional, who will understand your limits.

In any yoga studio, the trainer will dive into the different types of yoga and more importantly help you choose the best style of yoga suited for your body type. Start out with the clear and fresh mindset, you are not the only one confused, so don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Make sure to hydrate yourself before hand, let got of whatever happened earlier, what is going to happen; make a commitment to the present. If you want to start your yoga routine with a bang, try out some exotic retreats to fall in love with yoga.

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