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Luxury Yoga Retreats: What To Expect in 2016

luxury yoga retreats

When searching for your first yoga retreat or if you’re looking to take a yoga holiday, it may be difficult to decide what type of retreat to attend. There are seemingly infinite yoga styles and beautiful retreat locations around the world to choose from. Taking a luxury yoga retreats has some added benefits compared to conventional yoga retreats, so it’s generally a good idea to see if you want to attend a luxury yoga retreat or a more affordable option before considering the yoga style and retreat location.

Luxury usually equates to ‘all inclusive’ and also offer a little solitude. One of the main differences between conventional and luxury yoga retreats is that you won’t be crammed into a bunk or cabaña with 4 or 5 other aspiring yogis. You’ll still have all of the opportunities to make spiritual connections and socialize, but you’ll also be able to go back to luxurious accommodations and relax in privacy, letting your yoga and meditation practices really sink in.

All inclusive yoga retreats also offer totally customized experiences. Your yoga vacation will not be a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all holiday. Many retreats offer excursions and activities that you can’t find anywhere else.

Once you’ve decided that a yoga retreat is where you’ll be taking your next vacation, check out our listings. There are hundreds around the world that are available. It’s time to take the spiritual journey of a lifetime. Now you’ll just have to decide where to.

Luxury Yoga Retreats Europe

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European retreats are often located in the most beautiful and serene places. Europe offers so much. Whether you’re looking for luxury retreats in Italy, to do yoga in Florence, or if you want to hike the French Alps with a group of talented and experienced yoga teachers; if a rustic Tuscan retreat is what you’re looking for, Europe is an excellent destination.

Luxury Yoga Retreats Caribbean

There’s no better place in the world for tropical wellness retreats in the Caribbean. There’s nothing to get away from while you’re away on a Caribbean retreat or a yoga vacation in Florida. After your yoga practice, you’ll be nourished with healthy tropically inspired meals. You’ll feel stress free and in a good place to fully experience long, warm sunsets on pristine beaches. Some of the world’s most renowned yoga teachers host retreats on some of the Caribbean’s many islands. Caribbean yoga resorts are an excellent choice if you’re looking to truly unwind and relax.

Luxury Yoga Retreats Mexico

home of the bikini bootcamp Tulum, Mexico

Try not to get star struck when you run into Hollywood’s most famous yogis during your Mexican yoga excursion or retreat in Tulum, Mexico. Mexico is a popular destination for many LA based yoga teachers because of its beautiful natural settings and its proximity to the US. If you’re traveling from the United States, Mexico is an excellent place to attend a luxury yoga retreat without having to spend too much time en route to your yoga destination.

Luxury Yoga Retreats Costa Rica


Costa Rica is one of the most enlivening and adventurous options. Costa Rica spiritual retreats are often combined with thrilling experiences like horseback riding, surfing and hiking to epic waterfalls. There are many yoga surf retreats in Costa Rica. If you’re looking for a true yoga adventure, Costa Rica hosts many luxury retreats throughout 2016 that will help you break through fear and come home feeling brave and free.

Retreat, Relax, Release Can Help

Still can’t decide on where your next yoga adventure will take you? Whether you’re an experienced yogi or a first time retreat attendee, ‘Retreat Relax Release’ has all of the resources available to help you plan a luxury yoga retreat in 2016.

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    I would love to seem some reviews on the various retreats here that you (or others) have experienced. If I were planning on my own I wouldn’t know where to start. Each location seems to have its own unique benefits for visitors.

    I would love to check out some of the retreats in Costa Rica for example.