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Surf And Yoga Retreat Bali: The Best For 2017

Bali Yoga Surf Holidays 2017

Bali is a tourist retreat tropical island, with traditional exotic resorts that offer some of the best sites for yoga and surfing, is located in the midst of tropical plants, and surrounded by rice fields with magnificent landscape that is eco-friendly; offers the best yoga services you can ever get. The whole purpose of yoga is to cleanse your soul and reconnect with your true self and the best way to reconnect with yourself is by relinking to nature. So believe me when I say that Bali is the best place for not just practicing but also learning yoga if you’re interested in becoming a yoga teacher.

With its immaculate grounds, top notch traditional yoga practices such as the Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini, and Hatha are a few to name, the resorts offers the best to those who come to Bali for yoga, surfing or any other purpose.

Bali has kept every activity in mind to keep you occupied in the best they have to offer not just yoga but surfing as well. With its spick-and-span, tidy beaches one gets every opportunity to surf at his own accord. Let us give you a glimpse of some of the bundled and budget friendly packages for Bali.

8 Day Beginners Surf and Yoga Retreat Bali:

Bali Surf and Yoga retreat

This is one of the ideal packages for those who have a little or no surfing experience. The surfing coach in this 8-day beginner’s surf and yoga retreat in Bali will be selecting the waves that will be ideal for a newbie or experienced surfers. The course is very well organized and focuses on how to correct details of surfers, their postures so that they can be able to surf like professionals and move to the next stage of surfing.

The retreat package offers a stay according to your budget and liking. If you have a low budget the Agung room is best for you. It is a shared room but big and comfortable room with individual safety storage area. The bathroom is wide and opens to the outside. The rooms are decorated with surfing photography. Room Batur is for 2 persons. The room is stocked with DVD, TV, and a mini-fridge. The rooms are not only clean but are comfortable and always furnished with clean and comfortable towels. The bedsheets are regularly changed and the rooms are kept fresh. Semeru and Rinjani bungalow are the most exquisite accommodations for big families or friends for extra privacy and relaxation. The décor, location, and the setup are impeccable and the bathrooms and shower are exquisite. The rooms are equipped with every modern facility one can wish for. The bungalows have its own private balconies decorated with Caribbean hammock and seats overlooking the explicable garden and pool.

If you are an adventurist and want to learn surfing this 8 Day Beginners Surf and Yoga Retreat in Bali is the best option for you.

7 days Serene Yoga Surf Retreat:

bali retreat

Has your daily routine bored you and is weighing down on your shoulder thus crushing you down? Well, if yes then it’s time for you to take a break and head back to nature to connect with your soul, invigorate your mind, spirit, and body.

Located in Canggu (and believe me when I say that Canggu is as exotic as its name sounds), this 7 days serene yoga surf retreat is planned for rejuvenating both your body and soul with its surfing and yoga sessions. So give yourself a break and join this amazing retreat at “Serenity Eco Guesthouse and Yoga” which is located on the southwest coast in Bali. The location is ideal both for surfers and yogis, as the air is fresh and there are calmness and serenity in the air that comforts your soul.

2 yoga sessions in the morning and afternoon are arranged. Both are designed so that you can get the best in these seven days. In the morning sessions, the Vinyasa is practiced which revitalizes you and grants you fresh waves of energy, vitality, and playful flows where are the afternoon sessions are kept quieter, profound and vary from Yin to restorative. The retreat also has arranged AcroYoga workshop which is a combination of yoga, acrobatics and the knowledge of healing. This workshop will help you become more flexible, strong and grants you with the gift of patience and control over your anger.

You can enjoy your stay in a comfortable accommodation where you will be surrounded by peace and tranquility. The meals that are offered are vegetarian and the menu is made with regards to a healthy diet. In this retreat, you will get 1 Balinese massage, yoga movie night, 1 surfing lesson, 2 yoga sessions daily. Apart from this, you can also relish other activities such as cycling, swimming, surfing and shopping etc.

Stay and live a Surf Yoga life.

Now if you have a passion for becoming a professional yoga teacher Bali has arranged an amazing 200 hour Yoga Teacher training Program. It trains potential yogis to become professional yoga teachers. Let’s have a look at what this program has to offer.

The Collective 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program Bali:

yoga teacher training bali

In 2017, the 5th annual “The Collective” 200 hours yoga teaching program is being presented in Desa Seni. The program includes in-depth knowledge of yoga and teaches you how you can be able to become a yogist. Different traditions such as Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga, Kundalini and many other traditions are practiced. Trainers who are going to be your guides throughout the euphoric journey will be Antonio Alagle, who has out mastered yoga classes for continuous 12 years, his methods of practice are very motivating. then you have Angela Perex Chamorro, she has 15 years of experience and will deeply be reflected in her methods, than we have Daphna Dora me Bernd Windhofer; Daphna Dor practices the healing traditions of yoga whereas Brend Windhofer with teaching you the tools of meditation, Asana, Pranayama and the Buddha’s Dharma.

The retreat spans on 200 hours where you will be provided with all the meals (6 days a week). You will also be provided with a training manual and all the necessary tools that you would be needing, and by the end of the program, you will be given a Teacher’s certificate.

Now go nail that barrelling wave.

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