The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Yoga Retreat – Retreat Relax Release

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Yoga Retreat

With our increasingly busy schedules and high pressure to be more productive at work, we hardly have time for ourselves, and more often than not, we end up neglecting ourselves.

We eat just about anything without giving it a second thought (regardless of how detrimental it is for our health) and we do not have any consistent sleep schedule. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention 1 in 3 adults is sleep deprived.

We still go ahead and complain about being tired all the time, when we are the ones to blame here. But, here is a thought, for anyone planning their next vacation why not consider a yoga retreat center.

It is not just exercise, but so much more than that. Imagine a place where you can unwind, unplug from your daily life, and leave all the stress behind. Imagine detoxifying your body, rejuvenating your mind, and reenergizing your soul.

How many of you get to go on a vacation and have a chance to balance your hormones, boost your immune system, even lose weight and return home, glowing inside and out.

Places that can offer such serenity definitely exist and they are called yoga retreat centers. They aim to give your body the best it deserves. Here is your ultimate cheat sheet to what to expect from right about any yoga retreat center.

What is awaiting you?

Yoga retreat centers have detoxifying programs, where they make you feel completely calm and relaxed. They provide empowering education that can inspire you to lead a healthier lifestyle on a regular basis.

You will have yoga classes with some of the most experienced trainers and yogis. Some of these retreat centers even have workshops for conscious cleansing, one-on-one individual therapy sessions.

They are also very passionate about raw foods, so you will find plenty of healthy smoothies and juices, which provide a break to your body from all the unhealthy food you have been consuming all these years. The meditation works on a spiritual level and soothes your mind. And, the best part is, they also have spas, massages, and swimming pools.

What to Pack and what’s not to?

Leave your gadgets behind. Seriously, this is your break from everyday routine and work, so you must keep it that way. If you want to stay connected with your loved ones, you don’t need to worry as all retreat centers have excellent cellular reception and WIFI connectivity.

Pack only essentials from your wardrobe, like your undergarments, pair of socks, and comfy clothes and shoes. Leave all your belongings behind, you won’t need anything fancy. If you carry anything precious, lockers are usually provided inside your assigned rooms.

Will I only get Vegetarian food?

Well yes, the food is mostly vegetarian but this is not always the case. All the food is farm fresh, gluten free and like I said it is a very refreshing break from all the unhealthy food you’ve been consuming on a regular basis.

You will find yourself being nourished and your body will appreciate the effort, because you will feel energized. Here are some of my personal favorites; cauliflower bread, homemade dill dip, Asian coleslaw, and the homemade dairy ice-cream is to die for. I even came to love the green juice infused drink served in the morning because I could feel my body being cleansed from the inside.

What will I do without Laptop, Cellphone or Television?

I know most of you will find it hard to believe but being free of all the gadgets will make you feel so much liberated, you will get so many things done then. For example, I was so behind my reading and it was my chance on catch up on all that I loved; I read, I wrote, I talked to people, I meditated, and believe me I did not miss my gadgets for even a minute. At night there might be  campfires and you get to make new friends and feel like a child who is without any worries. And at night I slept like a baby.

Does going on a Yoga Retreat makes me a Hippie?

Absolutely not! the only thing it is going to make you is happy and relaxed while you are at it. It may also encourage you to lead a healthier lifestyle even after the trip. Your mind, body, and soul will be free and cleansed.

Basically, you are giving yourself a break from everyday city life. And no, it won’t be awkward for you if you are a first timer. You will find many people like you there. The staff at yoga retreat centers are trained to make each and everyone feel welcomed and satisfied.

Here are some things to remember while you are at a yoga retreat; you are not there to be competitive, appreciate what nature has to offer, go with an open mind, learn things about yourself, your limits, and you what you have to offer to the world, embrace yourself for who you are, and stay grounded.

Always warm up before participating in any session as cold muscles increase the chance of injuries. Plan and book ahead of time, and believe it or not the slots fill up really fast.

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