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Top destinations for yogis to visit this winter

You may be an expert at yoga, but there is always more to be learnt, more to be enjoyed, and more relaxation and meditation to be done. As the summer months fade into winter, it becomes harder to practice yoga outside. In fact, most yoga locations end up becoming cold and uncomfortable, but worry not. You can still make the most out of the beautiful winters.

For your ease, we have compiled a list of yoga retreats for you to head to this winter.

For those who want an intense yoga training course

If you want to make the most of your winter break by doing  intense yoga training course, you can head to Kandawgyi Lake in Burma. A course specifically designed to give you 200+ hours of yoga training can be completed in just 21 days.

The course is specifically designed for people who want to become yoga teachers, or yogis. This means that after taking this course, you can become a certified yoga teacher.  After that, you have an extra 30 days, in which you can prepare for your Certification Program.

You can take your exam any time after the first 21 days.

If you want more, you can add another teaching session afterwards as well. Of course, if this is your life, you can stay on and spend anything between 3 to 9 months in becoming an advanced yoga teacher.

Alternatively, you could head to Goa for some Ashtanga Yoga, where you can do a 22-day course on becoming a yoga teacher. Once again, this is highly intense course, but can be focused on your needs.


For those who need to relax

If you want a bit of relaxation through yoga, and to find your inner peace via the exercise and meditation opportunities a retreat can offer, you can head to Australia this winter. Of course, while we in the northern hemisphere are used to the cold winter months, the sun shines bright during the Australian summers down south.

Kaula Tantra Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Melbourne offers an exciting and energizing workshop which lasts 5 days. The retreat is located in the beautiful Agrara National Park. The focus is on a journey that explores deep inner knowledge, and tries to find that perfect balance  between your heart and soul.


For those who want to surf

Imagine being by the beach. Having a yoga session in the morning, breakfast, and then having rest of the day to surf on the beach. That is the concept behind the Bali Surf Retreats. You not only spend your time doing yoga, but included in the stay are surfing lessons. Of course, Bali itself is a beautiful location, and when you find yourself in the middle of yoga and surfing, you can go exploring the islands on rented bikes. Or if you prefer being at sea, you can just grab your snorkeling mask and take a dip in the Indian Ocean. The food, the weather, the location, the sea, it is all beautiful!


For those want a bit of the Caribbean

If you’d like a taste of paradise while you do yoga, you can head to St. John in the Caribbean. The retreat is located at Concordia. You are welcome to an eco-resort that is designed to let you relax in the natural environment all around you. The sessions themselves are held on a mountain top with spectacular views all around.

Once you are done, you can head for swimming, hiking, snorkeling, sailing, or just some good old naps!


For those who want a bit of the jungle with their beach

The Amazonian rain forest is one of the wonders of the world. So why not head to the Haramara retreat which offers all kinds of facilities. You can go as an individual, as a couple, or in groups. Whether you want to relax, renew and restore, or train yourself up for a yoga experience, there is definitely something in it for everyone. The retreat offers various courses as well as various instructors, and runs throughout the year.

The retreat promises to offer every visitor an exclusive, intimate and secluded seaside, offering superior mind-body-spirit experiences, as well as sensual tropical harmony. The location itself offers serenity, seclusion as well as security to ensure a relaxing and renewing yoga experience.

This dedicated retreat was built with one purpose alone, to remain at one with the spirit of the land, the jungle and the beach. This means that there is minimal environmental impact. On top of that, there is extreme attention to detail for everything, from your meals to your stay.

If this isn’t ticking all your boxes, or you want an alternative on a similar theme, head to Belize, which offers a similar array of packages. Whether you want to explore Mayan ruins, or swim in the sea, there is something for everyone along with all the yoga that is on offer.

For those who want a private island

If you prefer to be on a private island, head to Jicaro Island Ecolodge, which is located on a private island in the Granada Isletas of Lake Nicaragua. It is on their top nature eco resorts. It is located just a short boat ride from the colonial town of Granada, and offers spectacular views of Mombacho Volcano from across the lake.

If that wasn’t enough, you have nine private luxury casitas to provide you the perfect setting, whether it is a romantic escape, a honeymoon, or just a tour. Of course, you have some top wellness and yoga retreats too. The total experience is that of a magical island, filled with peace and tranquility.


For those who want to go back to their roots

Yoga started in India, and what could be better than heading back to where it originated. Once in India, head to Goa.

The Centre for Higher Knowledge offers a unique experience with an emphasis on spiritual teaching. The retreats have been designed to help you travel deeper into your spiritual path. The teaching combines all the elements you may want, be it spiritual teachings, yoga and meditation, or lectures, dance therapy, tantra, and of course private sessions.

Each student will be set on a journey to reach a higher state of consciousness. The idea is simple, just learn to walk the spiritual path and use that knowledge in your daily life.

Of course, being in Goa means that not only are you by the sea, in nature, but also have the abundance of beaches, sun, the locals, and of course the lovely and delicious Indian food.


So here were our favorite top destinations for yogis to visit this winter. If you’ve visited a place in winter that you enjoyed thoroughly, don’t forget to recommend in the comments section below!

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