We are thrilled to be offering a package specifically designed to help you heal. Using a combination of yoga, meditation, acupuncture

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Desa Seni’s School of Yoga is internationally accredited by The Yoga Alliance and brings together a team of highly

Through physical yoga asana practice, we work with restructuring, lengthening and strengthening the body, not only greatly assisting the healing process, but also providing you with the tools to continue to unfold physical contractedness after you leave. Meditation brings about the vital connection of the mind to the restorative process; if we do not work directly with the mind, any progress we may make will continually be undermined by our old habits and usual ways of working with the world and ourselves. Massage gives you the chance to relax and melt into the soothing hands of a qualified therapist, who will help support all your other work while you simply enjoy.

All of this work will be carried out within the surrounds of a deeply supportive environment, by experts in their respective field who are fully committed to helping you work through your pains, issues, and problems. It is our joy and our pleasure to help you make a positive difference as you journey onward through the unique story of your life.

- 5 Nights Deluxe Accommodations - Daily breakfast - 3 Lunches - 2 Dinners - Consultation with your Teacher - 3 Private Restorative Yoga Sessions - 1 Private Meditation Sessions - 2 Desa Seni Signature Massages - Daily Yoga & Happenings from our regular schedule of classes - Wireless Internet - Unlimited Drinking water - All taxes and service
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English and Spanish
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Breakfast, Lunches and Dinners
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PescatarianGluten FreeDairy Free
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Antonio Albagli

Twelve years from his first class as a student, the practice of yoga has had a deep impact in how he views life creating a motivation

Bernd Windhofer

Bernd works with the tools of Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, the Buddha’s Dharma

Chaukei Ngai

Professional Yoga Teacher and founder of YogaUP studio based in HK

Chaukei Ngai

Professional Yoga Teacher and founder of YogaUP studio based in HK

A Resort in Bali – Offering daily yoga classes, personal yoga retreats and wellness packages, a holistic spa, an organic.

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Good to know before you go:
Bali has been a long time tourist getaway, a tropical island of natural beauty, gorgeous resorts, yoga retreats and easy-going beaches, a peaceful fling. Elizabeth’s Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love put Bali on the map as a solo gal’s romantic “finding yourself” destination. And if you’re a weary traveler looking for a home, you might just consider dropping your bags for the next several months. But outside all of that , Bali is so much more. You can dress it up in accommodations or dress it down and still have a grand experience. We’ll all still be walking in flip-flops!
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13 KM
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